Arts in Education Acting Workshop

Building a Performance - an Acting Workshop gives students an experiential introduction to the basics of acting focused on your curriculum. Using a variety of theatre games and exercises, it concentrates on developing a wide range of fundamental skills that are not only essential to the actor, but of tremendous value to the non-actor as well. The workshop supports all the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts. Children become familiar with the techniques of the actor and the elements that combine to create a character. They engage in improvisations employing the elements of character, actions, objectives, setting and conflict. They practice both the techniques of the actor and the critical skills of a discerning audience and they stage a performance of a mystery play in which they make use of the skills they have learned during the workshop.

My intention with this workshop is that the following goals be realized experientially, in varying degrees, by all of the children"

- Increased focus, concentration, and retention
- Catalyst for the development of writing skills
- Positive experiences of collaborative cooperation
- Encouragement of positive thinking and risk-taking
- Development of creative thinking and inferencing skills
- Ability to regard obstacles as challenges rather than "stops"
- Increased feelings of accomplishment, self-reliance, and self-worth
-Greater tolerance of and compassion for the motivation and behavior of others

The acting workshops are equally valuable for Gifted, Special Needs, and Mainstream children in elementary, JHS and HS. I also offer staff development training, which is appreciated by educators, including your performing arts staff, as it enhances and compliments their own curriculum.

I am a state certified former teacher with a BFA from Cornell University and an MA in Special Education from NYU, with over 20 years of experience in teaching and leading acting workshops. My workshops have been offered by Theatreworks/USA, Arts Connection, The NY Foundation for the Arts and the 92nd St. Y.

Building a Performance - an Acting Workshop can be contracted through BOCES, the NYC Bd. of Ed. Vendor Program, grant-funded proposals, or by calling me.

Please contact me directly at (212) 260-2295 to discuss your theatre arts program, for material with specific content details or to schedule an informational visit.