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Kids Parties

Want to stage an exciting, original and interactive event unlike any your teen has experienced?

Want a sophisticated and engrossing entertainment that will involve all of   your guests, as they become eccentric suspects up to hilarious mischief in a swirl of riveting improvisation?

Let your teen choose from our menu of mysteries as gripping as Agatha Christie at her best, and then become  active participants i(and suspects!) in the wild and winning drama unfolding before his or her eyes. With a bit of research, we will tailor our mystery to include your child’s favorite characters, whether Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes or any others that pique their interest.

Good murders are hard to find, and unique party ideas that will be the talk of the town are hard to come by.

It’s no secret what we can do for you when you dial (212) 260-2295.