"This summer, for the second time, our students had the wonderful experience of participating in an acting workshop conducted by Judy Rosenblatt. She structured her program so that the children had many successful experiences. she was extremely sensitive to their needs. Her workshops stressed critical skills such as impulse control, focusing and self-expression.

"She presented the students with lessons in a format where accomplishment was great fun. She had high expectations and they rose to the occasion, using acting as a training ground for learning essential life skills. Ms. Rosenblatt not only stimulated the students, but also presented their teachers with many creative ideas. Her workshops, for our population of emotionally disturbed children, would be invaluable as an on-going, long-term project."

Carole Fishkind
Assistant Principal
P.S. 231, Brooklyn


"Judy Rosenblatt has conducted performing arts workshops for P.140, which is a special education school servicing students who are mentally retarded and emotionally handicapped. Her acting workshops have been excellent. She has consistently engaged the interest and participation of the students she has worked with. I have observed her with several classes and have been impressed with her enthusiasm and skill. Moreover, the feedback from teachers she has worked with has been overwhelmingly positive. I would recommend Ms. Rosenblatt and feel she offers the students a valuable experience in create arts."

Martin Mineroff
P.140 Cluster, Brooklyn


"I just wanted to say what a terrific job I feel Judy has done with our student population. we have a very difficult group of children and Judy helped them bring out their various talents, creativity and abilities, while maintaining good behavior. She works very hard and the children enjoy her and always look forward to her sessions with them. Judy has also helped the classroom teachers by distributing lesson plans and giving our staff many ideas that can carry over, motivate, and connect with the various academic, social, and emotional areas."

Alan Joseph
Crisis Intervention Teacher
P.S.231, Brooklyn


"It has been my pleasure and privilege to observe Judy Rosenblatt conducting a drama workshop with my 4th grade class. She quickly created a warm and supportive environment in which they could feel free to experiment and express themselves. Sessions were well planned, age suitable, and the students' enthusiasm, skills, and understanding grew perceptibly during the six-week program.

"I highly recommend Judy Rosenblatt to any individual or group in need of a professional guide to the fine art of drama."

Annette McDaniel
P.S.192, Manhattan



"The acting workshops were so cool. I didn't know that real life has all the same things as plays and stories and novels -- a WHO, a WHERE and a WHY."

Maria, 12 years old


"I especially liked the part where we put it all together and made a play. I feel there are so many things I can do that I never thought of before."

Sergio, 14 years old


"Students who didn't like me before were my friends after I was in the play with them. I like more kids now."

Martin, 9 years old


"I learned not to try so hard because if you make a mistake just start all over again."

Edward, 10 years old


"Acting and life is fun!"

Alexander, 7 years old


"I think acting is the best invention since the machines!"

Trisha, 8 years old


"I learned to be OK and not nervous about things in life."

Abby, 9 years old