"We had a Yu-Gi-Oh themed party, of all things, for my son Oliver's 7th birthday. The party was so much fun and even better than we imagined it would be. Everyone had a great time, previous knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh was definitely not a requirement! Judy ran an amazing party. She was completely prepared and kept the kids thoroughly engaged the entire time. I can honestly say it was the best party he ever had. We look forward to throwing a Mystery & Mayhem party for our 2 year old, Gabriel, once he is old enough to enjoy it."

Wendy, Croton-on-Hudson, NY


"Thirty 5 and 6 year old children -- all entranced and involved in the musical presentation of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' -- in which they themselves were the actors, was a lovely, old-fashioned entertainment.

"The magical aura you created with bits of velvet and satin, simple costumes, lovely music and your warm and resonant voice, created a theatrical experience Viviane talks about -- and re-enacts -- when we tuck her in at night.

"We are grateful to you for filling our daughter and her friends with wonder and creating a wonderful theatrical experience of her very favorite story."

L. Feinmann, NYC


"I feel the magic in my heart and in my bones."

Paul Sitzer (6), NYC


"We could not have thought that 23 five year olds could sit mesmerized for an hour and a half -- they love you and so do we. Please put us on the calendar for next year."

Mrs. Gorstein, Riversale, NY


"Your Fortune Telling party was incredible -- magical, entrancing, and empowering for the children. The way you were with them, the sensitivity, kindness, compassion you showed, and the wonderful 'Inner Journey of Discovery' you took them on provided a joyous and meaningful experience. Your parties are head and shoulders above any other entertainment we have used. Thank you, Judy."

Barbara Epstein, Scarsdale, NY


"You had 35 children in the palm of your hand -- how do you do it? Your story-telling skills are extraordinary and your sensitivity and ability to relate to children is unique in my experience. Laila had a wonderful time and tells and retells 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' over and over always with the additions and the blocking you used at her party.

"And the crowning of the Fairy Princess has already been repeated may times with her little sister playing her and she playing YOU! Thanks for giving her such a precious memory."

Nancy Kleinberg Eliott, NYC


"Darren still talks about the yugio master he's descended from! The picture of his great-great-great-great-great (5 Greats, he tells me!) ancestor, on parchment and partially burned by pirates, is kept with his most prized possessions. You captured the imaginations and the hearts of 22 little boys and my husband and I are still marvelling at how you managed to hold their attention for almost two hours. Thanks so much, Judy."

G. Hackshaw-Stout, Brooklyn, NY


"Joseph and Jennifer's Treasure Hunt party is being talked about all over town. Everything you promised, you delivered -- and much more!

"The opening display of artifacts was amazing. The daggers, the Queen's crown, the golden coins, the ancient bottle of rum! The story was fascinating, beautifully told and perfectly age-appropriate. The treasure itself was perfectly dazzling. The children were absolutely delighted by the splendid array and so eager to get their little pirate hands on it!

"Everything was marvelous and in such good taste. We loved the party and are grateful to have found someone with your ability to give such gifts of wonder to the children."

Natasha Pizzio, Brooklyn, NY