"Over the last few years, I have had the good fortune to have Ms. Rosenblatt's services in hosting six birthday parties for my three daughters. Ms. Rosenblatt is a dedicated thespian. Especially noteworthy have been her 'murder mystery' parties in which each child is given a role to play -- while blinded to the ultimate outcome. My eldest daughter (age 11) and her classmates have been so captivated by these productions that, as one of the parents remarked, 'They have become the most anxiously anticipated social event of the school season.'

"I can highly recommend Ms. Rosenblatt for any performance whether for children or adults. You will not be disappointed."

Angelica Sigalos-Nelson, Forest Hills, NY


"When I first called Judy Rosenblatt of Mystery & Mayhem, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now, three years later, I do and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am. Never in my years of being a parent have I had a party in which the children were so engaged.

"The minute the murder mystery started, I was engrossed. Judy had transformed a raucous group of pre-teen girls into accomplished actresses in roughly forty-five minutes. They knew their lines, they spoke with flair, and they were all highly invested in discovering who the 'murderer' was. It was quite remarkable -- I'd never seen anything like it.

"Now, every year, we book Cameron's birthday party well in advance. As soon as the girls receive their invitations, they begin planning their costumes. I look forward to the party, as well, not just because it is so much fun for the children but because I have grown to like Judy a good deal. She is a wonderfully kind soul and I feel blessed to have her in our lives."

Jan Barker, NYC


"A Truly Amazing Experience! To see a group of youngsters completely engaged in a creative and thought provoking theatrical production is a rarity in these days of electronic games.

"Thanks to Judy's special talent, the children remained in character for five hours and had a great time. In fact, they insisted it was the best party they had ever been to. Even younger siblings and cousins played crucial roles."

Carolyn McGuffog, NYC


"The party was really fun! The whole idea was a great one and it was perfect in every aspect. I could tell that a lot of effort went into planning it. I loved each party and sequel. They were wonderful!"

Emma Zoloth, age 11, NYC


"Thanks, Judy, for Matthew's party. We were a bit worried about an all-boy mystery but it was a total success. You and Greg were incredible. My husband and I marveled at your patience and enthusiasm and your ability to keep 21 spirited 11 year olds intrigued for five hours. All our worrying was pointless!

"Matthew had a wonderful time and is rather the star among his classmates. You coached him and the children so well and made them all feel so important. The success of this party has been a wonderful experience of success for Matthew and we are so grateful."

Judith Cohl, Englewood, NJ


"This was my best party. All the kids said so and it was scary but not too scary. Mostly it was funny and I liked the costumes my friends wore. Also, the pocketbooks with the clues that came out when you went to the witness stand. I liked Detective Dan Diamond and also Detective J.C. Can you come to my party next year with Part 2?"

Betsy Feinberg, age 8, Man., NY