Kids Parties

Hilarious Mischief! Frantic Action! Dastardly Crime!

Mystical and magical moments await your guests at our for kids age four and up

Kids Parties

Spellbinding magic, pirate treasure hunts, and detective mysteries are just a few of the many themes Mystery & Mayhem can provide.

Our talented entertainers will dazzle and delight your young guests and lead them on an unforgettable, fun-filled journey that inspires their imagination and sparks their creativity. 

Harry Potter magic shows are a great favorite, and Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew themed mysteries are adored and appropriate beginning at age 8.

Kids Parties List

Our adventurous and engrossing mysteries are sure to bring out every child’s inner detective and inner thespian. In the mansion for the weekend, a group of eccentric and well-known folk meet to discuss solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Activities are cut short when one of the guests is found shockingly murdered. Who committed the dastardly deed? Intrigue and clues abound, and your guests have to sleuth out the villain in this exciting, totally interactive and action-packed crime drama.

Cited by Quest magazine in Best of New York and described by one repeat customer as “like Clue, but better!” This party has been enchanting and delighting kids of all ages for over thirty years. (Ages 8+)

This party is superb for would-be thespians. An hour and a half of very participatory pantomime, improvisation and short skits, this party highlights the most exciting aspects of Judy’s acting residencies, as enjoyed by Theatreworks/USA audiences for over five years.

Employing the basics concepts of acting, your children become courageous photographers tracking down a plant that may cure a terrible illness…until they fall into the quicksand; master cake decorators decorating a cake for the queen of England…except that happen to be blind; tightrope walkers scaling the heights of quivering rope…that threatens to break! 

They participate in two-character skits where one partner becomes a loud-mouthed teenager getting ready to go to a sleep-over, while the other becomes a squirming two-year-old sibling begging to be allowed to join in the fun with the “big kids.” This party, like all Mystery & Mayhem events, culminates in a crystal ceremony with gifts of crystals or semi-precious stones for all the guests. (Ages 7 – 10)

Treat your young scallywags to an afternoon of high adventure on a thrilling treasure hunt. First, a royal dignitary arrives at the party and reveals an incredible secret: the birthday girl or boy has a long ago ancestor (a pirate, gypsy princess, master detective) who was a dear friend of the Queen of Russia (ancestry of your choice!). 

According to legend, that ancestor is thought to have hidden the Queen’s dazzling jewels on the very site where the host or hostess now lives. The eager and boisterous explorers follow the clues until they find the treasure and divvy up the loot! (Ages 5 – 7).

A magic show tailored around the Harry Potter books. Magic with silks, coins, mind-reading a la Crystal Ball, Flying Owls, Rings of Dumbledore, and trivia session. 

Includes character role-playing from the book as children assist Marco in performing all of these enchanting miracles. NOTE: Marco is specially commissioned by Scholastic to do this show. (Ages 5 – 11)

We have a variety of marvelous fortune-telling parties led either by Judy or by professional fortunetellers who work specifically with children. These include Lipstick Fortune Telling, Tarot, Crystal ball, and Palm-Reading Parties. Please call or e-mail us for more specific descriptions. (Ages -8 – 11)

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