Teens & Tweens

A Repertoire of Riveting Who-Done-Its!

Want a unique mystery event that will become the most anxiously anticipated social event of the year?


Teens & Tweens Parties

Want a dastardly crime, a riveting mystery, a winning drama in which your guests become the suspects, the sleuths, and – God Forbid! – the Victim!

Let your teen or tween choose from our menu of mysteries as gripping as Agatha Christie at her best, and then become active participants in the wild and winning drama unfolding before their eyes. In addition to our hilarious cast of capricious suspects, we can easily tailor the event to include your child’s favorite characters, whether Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes or any others that pique their interest. Our themes are thoroughly scripted, theatrical, sophisticated, tasteful, charming, user friendly, and most importantly, age appropriate.

Good Mysteries are Hard to Find...

Whether for a Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any other rite of passage, our creative events stand alone in style, creativity and originality.

Every participant will be given a role to play, and a script to follow. A heinous crime will be committed, a swirl of riveting improvisation will ensue, and our seasoned cast of actors will be there to direct the frantic action, making sure your event is one your child will never forget!

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